Screen display

MJim wrote on 2/20/2000, 8:37 AM
Minor bug, when I am playing audio if I zoom-in/out, or
move the display, or click for a new start position,
Vegas 'loses' the curser. I mean the curser will run off
the screen. I can manually chase it or stop the audio and
re-start. SF4.5 lets me zip all over the place and locks
on the curser like a lazer guided missile. I'm running a
PII-350 w/scsi u2, cheatahs, and ati rage fury 128.

Another thing is the track global minimize functions are
great, but I'ld like to be able to globally restore the
tracks. ~ and be able to set a preference to the height of
the restored tracks (ie: like the way they come up when you
first open a project).


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