Screenblast Shockwave

Steve Grisetti wrote on 11/7/2003, 1:26 PM
Has anybody else had any troubling issues with the Shockwave files Screenblast 3.0 produces?

They export nicely and look great, but the little 5 second piece I produced locks up my computer on playback -- both when reading my hard drive and after I've posted it on the Internet. (In fact, it also locked up my computer here at work when I looked at it on-line!)


GerryLeacock wrote on 11/7/2003, 3:34 PM
How about posting the URL so we can all have a look, and take a chance at locking up our computers. (I'll use my wife's computer :)
Steve Grisetti wrote on 11/7/2003, 4:15 PM

Okay, Gerry, if you dare, here it is:

But don't say I didn't warn you!
IanG wrote on 11/7/2003, 5:29 PM
Gerry, don't do it, it's a tra
GerryLeacock wrote on 11/7/2003, 7:24 PM
Well, you guys were right. Will I ever listen. And the sad part is that I'm tempted to go back and have another look. I'd better not.

Maybe once.

No, I shouldn't.

Ok, just a peek.

Oh damn, not agai