Script for crossfades on selected events ?

Mike_Rosoft wrote on 9/17/2023, 3:49 AM

Hi all,

I can't find any working script doing audio crossfades in VP.

The exact scenario is audio recording with a lot of punch-ins, the audio events overlaps and i want to apply xfades to all after the recording is done.

The only not too ancient solution I found is this , but it doesn't work correctly. I'm musician and have no clue about programming so I'm not able to create a scripts myself. Tried even with google bard, but the code doesn't work either....

So does anyone have a working script ?

sorry for the broken english btw....


jetdv wrote on 9/17/2023, 7:08 AM

@Mike_Rosoft, do you want the events moved so that they overlap? Or extended to create the overlap? It is really quite easy to move the events so that they overlap and I have a tool for that in Excalibur as well as tutorials showing how both can be done on my YouTube channel.

If you want to extend the events, this tutorial could help:

This one shows how to go through events on the timeline and moves them. This could be easily modified to work with only selected events and add an overlap instead of just removing any gaps.