script to download a pdf page by page from an annoying online e-viewer

RealGrynomics wrote on 4/4/2021, 3:40 PM

I would like to download a PDF version of my motorcycle's owner's manual, but Kawasaki annoyingly only makes it available via an online e-viewer. I've tried inspecting the source code of the page and other elements of the page page in Chrome's developer view, but I still can't figure out what is the original file location. I've even tried using the network capture feature in Chrome to see if I could grab the original file as it's loaded, but I had no luck.

There's even an option to print the current page in the e-viewer, so I could print it to pdf page by page, but considering that there are over a hundred pages, that would be incredibly annoying.

The really frustrating thing here is that the manual and information are publicly available: it's the same owner's manual that comes with the bike when you buy it (I'm not trying to steal a closely guarded service manual or anything). It's just that Kawasaki makes it available online in the most frustrating and useless format possible.