Scrolling text across a lower third in Vegas

Bambino wrote on 2/10/2013, 4:10 PM
I want to scroll a few words across a picture from the left and then stop underneath it in Vegas. Souds simple! I have created a lower third and also created the text media; then I've used Placement to drag the text off the screen on the left hand side. So far, so good, but from then on, nothing I do in the way of dragging text or creating new keyframes seem to work. I am either missing out a vital step or doing things in the wrong order. Can someone put me right?


Jack S wrote on 2/10/2013, 5:22 PM
This is easy to do using the Event Pan/Crop tool.
Place the picture on a track then place a text event with a transparent background on a track above it. Use the Event Pan/Crop tool on the text event and put your cursor at the beginning of the event. Click inside the Event Pan/Crop window and use the left or right (depending on where you want the text to start from) arrow key to move the window. You will see the text move. Keep moving it until it's off the screen. This corresponds to the event's start keyframe. Now, move the cursor to where you want the text to stop and create a keyframe by clicking on the small + sign. Test the event to see if it works Ok. The text should stay at the stop point until the end of the event. You can fine tune things if required by moving the stop keyframe. Obviously, the shorter the event, the faster the text will move across the screen.

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