Scrolling text for Movie Studio 14

ap6629 wrote on 1/13/2021, 4:47 PM

I am trying to include a piece of text scrolls along the screen to display the following:

Gonna be honest with yall, I initially had a TON of card names+prices on screen. But 90% were so low I had to cut them. Only the ones actually worth anything will go up

Yet when I try to set a animation in the Media Generators and pick "Left scroll" it makes the text go WAY too fast across the screen. And when I select Slide Left it goes too slow. Is there a way to directly control the speed of the text movement? I tried using Event Pan/Crop, but that only captures and scrolls the portion of the text which is currently on screen for that particular fram. So I end up with "Gonna be h" scrolling with nothing else attached. And the animate panel is not helpful either. What am I supposed to even do??


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