Searching for deleted files...

MixNut wrote on 4/15/2002, 12:40 PM
Another v3 question:

I removed some tracks from a project and deleted them from the harddrive. Vegas 3 continues to look for these tracks and gives me the "Can't find the following..." dialgue at each and every startup. I tell it to ignore all missing files and leave them offline...It asks me again the next time.

How do I tell Vegas to STOP referencing these long-deleted files???!!! Is this a bug?



SHTUNOT wrote on 4/15/2002, 12:52 PM
Just "resave" after you have loaded your project. It's looking for the missing files because your .veg file is not up to date with where your at in your work. After you load your project by "ignore missing files" just go about your work and save again. It will be up to date then and won't ask for those files. Later.
Ted_H wrote on 4/15/2002, 12:54 PM
Also make sure that you have removed those files from your project before you save it again.

MixNut wrote on 4/15/2002, 1:46 PM
I'm not sure you guys follow me here...Obviously, I have saved the project since the tracks were removed.

That's the problem...I have saved the project a multitude of times and it continues to ask for some old long-gone tracks at each reopen.

I'm feeling a bug here...
Sari wrote on 4/15/2002, 1:56 PM
Open your session in question. Ignore missing files as you open. Go to 'Tools' and choose 'clean media pool'. Save your session. Open again, and your problem will be solved.