set wrote on 4/9/2020, 5:22 PM


This is the best workflow to contact support that I tried several times and able to work... hopefully it works for you too:


Go to

If you have form, then go for it...

But, if you were asked for 'interview' I Need Help With...; you will have to navigate by click any help choices, and after 'Perhaps This Will Help You...' suggestions appear, click 'Search for Other solutions', type search the closest keyword, 'find a solution', then find in the most bottom choice: 'Send a support request'

There finally you get a form with the title already filled from previous search keyword.


set wrote on 4/9/2020, 6:12 PM


Alexandre-BAERT wrote on 4/9/2020, 6:41 PM

Thank you very much i found how to send a ticket after reading your answers.