SF Video Capture Errors

Urk wrote on 3/23/2001, 7:47 PM

Since updating Video Capture to 2.0b (build 39), I get
a "COM object failed to initialize" when trying to preview
or print to tape to my Sony TRV103 Digital8 cam. I'm using
a StudioDV firewire card on an ASUS A7V/Tbird 700@950, and
have no problems capturing. I don't remember having any
such problems with the earlier version. Short of
reinstalling the earlier version, any suggestions?



Urk wrote on 3/24/2001, 12:14 AM
Next time I'll check the online knowledge base. As fixes
go, this couldn't have been easier.

Lewman wrote on 3/25/2001, 8:33 AM
What was the fix? I am curious because I am just about to ditch my Pinnacle DC30 video capture board and replace it with a
cheap Firewire card. I also have a Sony TRV 103. Pentium III @500.
Urk wrote on 3/25/2001, 1:28 PM
The online knowledge base suggests uninstalling Video
Capture completely, and then installing the update fresh
instead of installing it over the old version.

Worked for me.

Lewman wrote on 3/25/2001, 8:02 PM
Thanks Eric. I am very pleasantly surprised how good the image is from the TRV 103 when loaded into Vegas through the
1394 firewire. I had the SF support running in circles trying to help me with a mjpeg codec from a Miro DC 30 capture that
VEgas would not read. When I replaced the Pinncacle DC 30 analog capture board (at 1/5 the price!) The picture was much
better, and the control from Vegas capture was very time saving and easy to use.