Shape Reverb (wet only) with EQ

vtxrocketeer wrote on 4/13/2017, 1:26 AM

My demands on Vegas as a DAW are growing more heavy and, after consulting the manual, I've hit a cognitive brick wall, so I'm reaching out for help. Cutting to the chase, I'm trying to achieve the "Abbey Road Reverb Trick" (Example: ). I think I have to send a track first to EQ to cut high and low frequencies, the EQ'd signal then is processed by reverb, and the output is combined with the original signal. The result is an original (dry) with a shaped reverb (wet).

In the video that I linked above, this is performed by placing EQ before reverb in a send. What is the procedure in Vegas? I use Izotope Nectar that has a limited EQ module within the reverb tab that does exactly this, but only to a limited extent, and I want way more control than what Nectar offers. Also, Vegas' built-in Reverb does allow attenuation of low and high frequencies, but I do not like the sound and quality of this FX. Also, I can't adjust Q or add notches, which an EQ would obviously give to me.

How can I achieve the 'trick' that I outlined above? I'm happy to be schooled.


vtxrocketeer wrote on 4/13/2017, 10:56 AM

After a few hours of sleep the obvious solution (I knew it had to be) suggested itself: an assignable FX send with only wet reverb and an EQ just before it did the trick. The bus multipurpose slider set to this send allowed me to mix wet with the dry, only the wet being EQ'd. School is out . . .

rraud wrote on 4/14/2017, 10:46 AM

In addition, w/ an assignable FX bus, a track's FX send can be either pre or post fader and has the volume envelope option. Every so often for a special effect, I'll duplicate a track and un-assign it's output, and EQ it radically to use as just a send, similar to actual side-chaining.