Shuttle Pro v2

UKharrie wrote on 4/6/2016, 7:45 PM
Searching for assistance I get no reply from the company - their tutorials are confusing and assume I know where xxx and yyy are on the computer - something that you might know if this was a programming device - but it isn't.

The device is a USB connected replacement for mouse+Keyboard ( although these remain connected to the PC, this "Wheel" helps to improve Video Editing . . . Well it would if I could install it in Movie Studio
Oddly in the Shuttle-software I've installed in Control Panel ( and that was far from easy ), it has a drop-down Listing of many Editors - including SMS v12 - Great, except once you select it, nothing happens - it appears to be an issue with the need to "Export" but doesn't suggest "what" -nor - "where" -or-why.

Has anyone used this device? . . . and can give me a blow-by-blow account of installing it?
SMS-v12 is on Drive C , if that helps.
My OS is Win7 32bit.

I can swap Keyboards and Mice with no problems - even install a replacement HDD, but this is sitting in my PC box with little chance it will be used....

BTW if you search in SMS for "Shuttle" it suggest that I really should use a Scanner to import pictures . . . . clearly no-one at SonyCreative has used one - but then they aren't in the business of doing video Editing....

In case you are wondering, it is plugged-in and using the Control-Panel it appears to be responding correctly - I don't think it is "Faulty" - just not yet installed.


Former users wrote on 4/7/2016, 10:17 AM
If it is working and installed correctly you should have an icon on the lower right taskbar. When Movie Studio is running and you hover your mouse over the icon, it should indicate Movie Studio is the active application. Check this first. If there is no icon, then it may not be installed.

Did you download the latest software drivers from the Shuttle website?
UKharrie wrote on 4/8/2016, 12:00 PM
Thanks. I've followed yr advice, with MSv12 Platinum running the Shuttle Icon is there on the bottom right ( behind the double chevron arrows ). However, it says Global Settings and there is a Tick ( check, US) against it.
If I go to Control Panel/Shuttle I can select SMS v12 Platinum - but I'm at a loss to know what to do next . . . I'm looking for "Install this now" - but to no avail.
+++ there are "Options" which include suggestions like change Target....import...export . . . . Frankly it's a dog's breakfast as far as clarity . . . when I look at these Options, it strikes fear
, , , so I select Close and the Lower Right ICON still shows Global Setting - and I guess this isn't what SMS needs, as the Shuttle has no effect on the Cursor/Timeline ( when I spin the two wheels independently ).
The Control-Panel software was fresh about a Month ago. I'm using WIn7 -The shuttle works in "Test-mode" so I'm confident the USB device is working OK.

Requests for help from Contour has been met with silence.
Sadly the Tutorials on YT are by folks who must be computer experts, as they casually suggest doing xxxx and YYYY which is meaningless to me.
Interestingly LightWorks has a special-version of this Shuttle, with colour-buttons - so I'm surprised Sony hasn't offered similar . . . maybe they had some difficulty with their version, too.
Former users wrote on 4/8/2016, 12:45 PM
It is hard to explain. I will try to make a tutorial and see if I can help.
Former users wrote on 4/8/2016, 1:17 PM
Here is a very quick tutorial that should help you get it running. Let me know if you need anything else.

UKharrie wrote on 4/9/2016, 5:52 PM
I don't usually follow silent Tutorials, esp. on YT ( well, any really.) but the one you suggested has decent-size TEXT, so I followed it - then opened up Control Panel / Shuttle and selected SMSv12, then the Target-bit, and this appears to find the Sony programs, so I highlighted the "exe" file at which point the "Contour+Apply" became live . . . so I clicked on that too.
I can report that DonaldT assistance has resolved this shuttle problem - which started in February 2016 and went unresolved by the company ( very Poor Service ).... either email, or telephone.

Now I can jump about the Timeline and make strange noises as I wheel through the Media . . . maybe after playing with it I shall get round to attaching the sticky labels to the Buttons. Something about prising them off worried me, - but I'll soon find out.

Makes me wonder why they don't say it in words . . . on the box!
-and suggest SMS amends its Help-File to include those simple words . . . .

and BTW, if anyone else is reading... I didn't have SMS running - and the Shuttle wasn't plugged-in either.

Former users wrote on 4/9/2016, 11:38 PM
I created that video specifically for your situation. Sorry it was silent but I don't have a great recorded voice and I did it in a hurry. I am glad it helped and thanks for letting me know it did. I love my shuttle controller. I also have the Xpress for my other computer. I don't think I could work without them.
UKharrie wrote on 4/13/2016, 7:01 PM
That makes the TUT so much more interesting . . . thanks for the additional info. Can't you find someone to speak the words, if you really don't think yours is good enough? Could I with nearly Oxford-English?
Are there other TUTs - like advanced use . . . etc. I can stop-start, move back/fwd and enlarge at the cursor point - but presently I'm making a variable power supply, then a far (varispeed ) for microphone (wind) testing . . .and a few more thing besides . . . so until the Summer arrives I shan't have too much Editing to do . . . but it sure is good it now works with SMSv12, thanks to you.
Has Sony asked to link to your TUT - that would be far better than 'Help' suggesting the user is connecting a Scanner ( Huh!).