Smart Split Audio shifted after Cut.

eikira wrote on 11/9/2019, 8:24 PM

I did use now Smart Split a very few times, but everytime i did use it, the audio got not shifted with the video correctly. I dont know what i am missing but the cut out part in the video layers (2 layers in general of video, both are grouped with the audio layer) get correctly cutted out but the audio stays shifted behind.

I found nothing mentioned similar with the forum search.



Marco. wrote on 11/10/2019, 6:09 AM

Did you use the given script ("Repair and smooth unwanted section")?

eikira wrote on 11/10/2019, 6:19 AM


no. why should i? and what exactly would do that script?

at the moment i have no project in which i used smart split, i just noticed everytime i used it it happend.

Marco. wrote on 11/10/2019, 6:22 AM

Strange. It works fine here both using the script as well as using the editing command. Grouped audio always splits and shifts correctly.

eikira wrote on 11/10/2019, 6:33 AM

I just tested something in how i would do another project. and i could replicate that behavior.

if i have 2 tracks of video and at the bottom an audio track and all three are grouped, tha audio gets again shifted, or to be very precise, it gets ignored and stays at its place and not dragged along.

also it seems not to matter if i place the audiotrack between or above the two video tracks.

can you test that?

Marco. wrote on 11/10/2019, 7:26 AM

Yes, you are right. If there is more than two tracks, one video and one grouped audio, but at least three grouped events, then only the upper two of them get shifted correctly.