Some Vegas thoughts...

peahix wrote on 6/15/1999, 11:27 AM
Hello all!!

I haven't gotten TOO deep into the Vegas beta yet, but so far here's something i'd really like to

i'd like to be able to import, say, a single-bar drumloop and automatically define the project
tempo based on the sample length of this loop. in other words, i'd like to be able to, say,
right-click on the loop and select an option for defining it as one measure.

also, i think the volume and pan rubber bands should be different colors- blue and red maybe?

on my machine, at least, if you put audio at the very beginning of any track, vegas clicks when
you start it. to get around this you have to leave some blank space at the beginning (say, the
first bar)... is this a universal glitch or is it just my machine?

here's a thought for sound forge: i would LOVE to see the vegas volume rubber band available
in sound forge- WITH automatic realtime re-sizing of the waveform as implemented by the
vegas crossfades. it would be SO COOL to be able to visually smooth out the dynamics of a
sound file without having to simply resort to using a compressor to get everything even...

for that matter, in vegas, the volume envelope should cause the waveforms to automatically
re-size the same way the crossfades do...

ok- that's all for now!! when will vegas be officially released??

pea hicks


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