Rednroll wrote on 12/19/2000, 2:19 PM
Fader Grouping can be achieved by routing to an AUX Send,
and automation of FX sends can be achieved by using the
Volume Graph. Now automation of FX parameters can't be
automated, but you have an 01V to do that don't you? Also
for the time being, if you get a mouse which has a spin
wheel, you can use your spin wheel much the same way you
would slide a fader. This is a pretty cool new feature,
but not as optimal as having midi control of faders.

Aaron Carey wrote:
>>Time has come for some hardware controll support....this
>>again begs the question of mixer templates, that can be
>>changed even in an active project...
>>Really REally sick of mousing mixes around...give me some
>>faders....also, fader grouping!!! please
>>automation of fx sends
>>the whole mono stereo fx send routing BUG