Sony DRU-500A

platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 10:11 AM
I have successfully burned every project so far to my Sony dru-500A DVD burner. I see that it is not in the list of tested burners though. It burns at 1x burn which I can live w/ but it has the capability to burn at 4x. Will there be software updates to DVD-A to include the full capapbilities of the Sony dru-500A? Thanks for any info.


samundsen wrote on 2/9/2003, 10:19 AM
The list of supported drives includes the Sony DRU-500, which would cover both the DRU-500A (internal) and the DRU-500UL (external). I have the DRU-500A, and when I burn on +R media DVDA reports 2.4x speed.

To get 4x speeds you would need to use 4x media.
platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 10:53 AM
I am using 2.4x media (verbatim) and when I burn it says 1x burn. Where did you see that it supports Sony dru500a drive? I cannot seem to find where I saw the list of suported drives.
platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 10:55 AM
Sorry, I found it on their site. I swear the last time I looked I did not see it listed there. I am probably blind though... Thanks for the response. What kind of media are you using?
samundsen wrote on 2/9/2003, 11:49 AM
I'm using Maxell exclusively. I have -R, +R and +RW discs, though I have only burned +R discs with DVDA so far. Btw, have you upgraded the firmware on your drive? The latest firmware is 1.0g, and there are some major performance improvements over the original firmware. If I remember correctly, the real improvements started with 1.0d.
platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 12:04 PM
I have upgraded to version "f" but was waiting for some feedback on the new "g" update. Do you have that one installed? It seems a little tricky. Not that I cannot follow directions it just seems like they make you jump thru hoops to get the "g" version installed. I understand it has 4x capabilities but their is no 4x media out yet so I figured I would wait. The sony is working flawlessly so far just a little slow (1x) with the DVDA is the only drawback. When I use the Record Now software I get burn speeds at 2.4x

Note: I just checked for DVD 4x media and found many different brands. What brand 4x media would you reccommend?
samundsen wrote on 2/9/2003, 2:13 PM
I have upgraded to 1.0g. I did not have any problems with the upgrade, it was just as smooth as any of the previous upgrades. I have not tried any 4x media yet.
platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 5:36 PM
Thanks. i am going to go w/ the upgrade. I will post and let you know how it went.
platoface wrote on 2/9/2003, 6:38 PM
Upgrade successfull. Thanks.
dvdmike wrote on 2/10/2003, 2:39 PM
Can you list the URL where the firmware upgrade is for the Sony DRU 500?
samundsen wrote on 2/10/2003, 5:55 PM
The Sony DRU-500A firmware is here: