Sony DRU-800A drive support

hv wrote on 6/23/2005, 8:51 PM
Can't seem to burn audio Cds to a new Sony DRU-800A burner with CDA 5.2. It goes through the motions and in fact burns all the markers and cd text, but no audio. Did the latest v3 flash and no change. Oddly enough SF7 has no problem burning to it. Same with Nero. Switched back to my old Pioneer DVR-A06 and CDA 5.2 works again. Guess CDA needs some kind of drive patch.



hv wrote on 8/17/2005, 5:59 AM
As an fyi for anyone else with this drive, as a temporary workaround I was able to cross-flash the Sony DRU-800A with the OEM's Liteon KS09 1693SX firmware using a 3rd party utility called Omnipatcher available from ... but if you want to stay legit Sony now has its official supported firmware update KY04 out that also does the trick:

Gotta say I'm glad I stuck with it because its a great drive for 40x burning with CDA.

hv wrote on 8/29/2005, 6:23 PM
I take it back. The original problem came back today. As soon as I added ISRC's to the CD. It burns apparenty error free but audio tracks are full of nothing. Tried clearing protect check boxes but it didn't help. So I burned to a Pioneer A06 in the same machine and it burned perfectly.

I think I've definitely narrowed it down to either Sony hardware or Sony software.

JJKizak wrote on 9/13/2005, 2:26 PM
Make sure your burner is in the "master secondary position" and the hard drive in the "slave" position. This made a big difference with mine.
Remember this is the secondary buss, not the primary buss.

Rvarani wrote on 11/28/2005, 5:48 AM
I am using CDA 5.2. I installed a Sony DRU-800A after being told that the this burner supported and would burn cd text. It did not burn cd text. E-mailed Sony and was told that none of their burners supported cd text burning. Can anyone tell me what available burners write and read cd text?

Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/28/2005, 1:39 PM
Plextor Premium., and most others.
drbam wrote on 11/29/2005, 5:34 AM
"Make sure your burner is in the "master secondary position" and the hard drive in the "slave" position. This made a big difference with mine."

FWIW, I have a Plextor Premium set as slave to the primary buss and it has always worked flawlessly.

hv wrote on 1/9/2006, 2:36 PM
I've been using a Pioneer 110D since August in place of the DRU-800A and it works just perfectly. But I still have the 800A laying around. Just got the 5.2a update and wonder if that'll make a difference. Will also try moving jumpers as suggested above.

hv wrote on 1/11/2006, 2:45 PM
Just as a followup... no success getting the Sony DRU-800A to burn a CD with ISRC codes. Updated the flash to KY06, updated CD Architect to 5.2a, and tried it as an ide slave instead of master. It just doesn't like ISRC codes.