Sony DX Plugins

don47777 wrote on 1/14/2008, 8:55 PM

In the help for the XFX 3 effects (e.g. Vibrato) that came with CD Architect 5.2 it says that "XFX 3 can be used in any Microsoft DirectX-compatible host application." Even though the plugins work fine in CDA they get listed as DEMO versions when I insert them in another application (Sonar, Audition). And there is a periodic BEEP. When I pull up the "About" window it doesn't show my name. The "licensed to" area is blank. The "licensed to" window for the actual CD Architect application displays my information correctly. Does this work for others? When I use the plugin from within CDA they do not indicate that they are DEMO versions and work correctly.

How about the XFX 1 Effects? I have the same problem with those but the help screens don't say anything about them working in other applications.

Thanks for any help. I'm not desperate for these to work in the other applications - in fact I don't really even use them in CD Architect. I normally do all my editing in Sonar and Audition and just use CDA to burn the CD. I was looking for a vibrato effect and thought I would try the Sony plugin when I ran into this.



JackH wrote on 3/31/2008, 10:38 PM
Sony seems to have designed the bundled versions of these plug-ins to work as registered versions only when used from CD Architect.

I ran into this recently when I bought CD Architect. I had already registered XFX 2 several years ago. After installing CD Architect, my registered XFX 2 was replaced by the bundled version, which ran as a demo when called from my audio editing programs.

I had to re-install the stand-alone XFX 2, then re-register it using the information I got when I first bought it. It now works like it did before.

This is something to consider for those who already own any of the plug-ins that come bundled with CD Architect. You would think that the CD Architect installer would recognize if a plug-in is already installed, and not over-write it, but this is not the case.