Chienworks wrote on 5/23/2008, 10:59 AM
It should run ok. I would suggest Windows 98SE if you can get ahold of it as it's quite a bit more efficient than either 95, 98 or ME.

It won't run fantastically well, but it should handle a couple tracks of audio at least. I've run version 3 and also ACID 3 on a 133MHz pentium successfully.
hanihijaz wrote on 5/24/2008, 12:04 AM
Hi Chienworks,

Thanks indeed for your answer.

what is windows XP / 2000 is this better than 98SE windows?

One more question on my vocals I try to put effects like echo or compressor but my vocals has no effects of it. Do I need to run and load the fx plugs in of echo or compressor on the same pc I am working on?

Take care and God bless you!
hanihijaz wrote on 8/30/2008, 6:28 AM
Dear Chienworks,
Hello and Hi..I am contacting you because I think you must be having the answer to my question as you did answered to my queries before.
I have in my pc 3.2 GB HDD and still having space of approx. 2GB.I just want to install Sony Vegas 5.0 recording protools and no other foundries or video or fx plug ins.Is this space sufficeint to upload or install just this single protools vegas 5.0 software?
Regards and do answer.
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Chienworks wrote on 8/30/2008, 6:53 AM
That should be plenty of space. You may fill up the drive with audio files rather quickly though. CD quality audio uses about about 525MB/hour so you've only got room for about 4 hours' worth of audio on that hard drive.

I'm not sure what you mean by "protools". Protools is a separate program from a different company and has nothing to do with Sony or Vegas.

Windows XP and 2000 are better than 98SE, if you have a fast enough computer with enough memory and hard drive space. I don't think they would run well on your computer. That's why i suggested 98SE. What operating system do you have installed on it now?
hanihijaz wrote on 9/2/2008, 9:17 AM
Dear Sir,

Thanks indeed for your reply.I have now pentium III with 600 processor and 3.2GB hard disk which is quite enough space to upload just sony vegas 5.0 which you also suggested.

Thanks again for you help and assistance and answering to my query.

God Bless You!
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