Sony Vegas Pro 13 not rendering sound in blu-ray

Joeboo wrote on 11/17/2015, 9:07 AM
I have Sony Vegas Pro 13. I am trying to render a video that I created into Blu-ray. When I select any of the Blu-ray options under Main Concept MPEG-2 and render, I have no sound. I have clicked on the Blu-ray options and selected the customize template tab. I notice that under the audio the "include audio stream" is not selected and I am unable to select it. My video is made up of pictures I have taken and a video camera. I then add a song from my library for background music. But I cant get any of the sound to appear in the final product. How can I render in Blu-ray quality with sound? And if for some reason it is no possible, what is the next best render quality? I am trying to make Blu-ray DVDs for grandparents for Christmas. Thanks.


wwaag wrote on 11/17/2015, 9:24 AM
In addition to your video stream, you must render your audio stream separately, usually with an ac3 template. The separate video and audio streams are then combined in DVD Architect.


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rraud wrote on 11/17/2015, 9:33 AM
SOP for DVD and Blu-ray is to add the audio files separately in authoring .. which DVD Arc will do automatically if the A/V file names are the same, and in the same folder... or you can also drag & drop the audio in.
OTOH, for web/file delivery and streaming, MP4 is the usual format. There should be both Sony and MainConcept AVC (MP4) templates.
ForumAdmin wrote on 11/17/2015, 10:01 AM
Hello Joeboo, Assuming you have a project with a video track with your pictures/images and also a audio track with the music you added on the time line, you can easily use the quick BD mux and burn capability of Vegas Pro 13.

Go to the Tools menu option and select Burn Disc > Blu-ray Disc. This will open a Burn Blu-ray Disc dialog box. Here you can choose the best options for your project. If you have a BD burner and blank BD-R/RE discs ready you can set the render parameters as needed. Select Render image and Burn first.

This operation will mux AND burn the project to a BD-R/RE disc that will play in most Blu-ray players. Audio should be included.

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