Sony Vegas Saved Files

kawaii wrote on 8/1/2015, 6:30 AM
Hello! Sony Vegas Pro v9.0e 64bit

I am looking for the directory where all my personal saves are placed. I can't find any information on this (to be honest, I'm not sure what the search words should be >.<)

A little more info? If I set a Pan/Crop for a clip, I sometimes save the settings for this. Where does Vegas put these saved files?

Any help would be pretty flipping useful as right now, I have a good ten billion Pan/Crop saved settings in my list!



JohnnyRoy wrote on 8/1/2015, 2:34 PM
This forums is for the software Vegas Pro Production Assistant.

You might get an answer if you ask in the general Vegas Pro Forum

As far as I know, the location of Pan/Crop Presets is undocumented.


John Rofrano
Sundance Media Group / VASST
kawaii wrote on 8/1/2015, 7:26 PM
Thank you for taking the time to reply! Apologies for posting this in the wrong section eh, if there are any Mods around, would it be possible to move this question into the right section? Thanks!

RE: 'the location of Pan/Crop Presets is undocumented'

Well that's not good lol >.< I am really struggling to find which of the saved Pan/Crop settings are which : (