ramallo wrote on 8/17/2000, 8:19 PM

No any news, only the old song that sing the support of Sonic Foundry
(Chorus) "We work in the Sound Forge 5", near of two years I heard
this song. I see the new releases of video or web desing, and
remember a words of a person of the SF crew "When finish the Vegas
Pro start the release of 24 bits Sound Forge", the second version of
Vegas Pro (Audio) was born, but not a update to 24 bits of Sound
Forge (I don't need SF 5, only need 24 bits support). Is a great joke
the possibility the open in a Sound Forge a wave for edit in the
Vegas, will be the Sound Forge work with 24 bits?, ha, ha, ha.

I thinking that the Sound Forge is discontinued, who is the liar?.


Thomas Kay wrote:
>>I've been away for awhile. Has anyone heard any news on a
>>new release?