rraud wrote on 7/25/2020, 10:33 AM

Sound Forge Pro includes the legacy Direct X noise reduction NR-2.0 suite which has 'Clipped Peak Restoration'. iZotope's RX Elements (VST) is included as well which basically has the same features but newer/better. SF can edit down to the sample level. Once installed, both NR-2 and RX can be used directly in VP. Magix's Sound Forge Audio Studio or Audio Cleaning Lab likely has something at a lower cost Analog stage clipping and severe digital 'overs' are not so easy to fix and often impossible, even with RX Advanced ($$$) or Spectral Layers, so YMMV

peterh337 wrote on 7/25/2020, 10:35 AM

Thanks. I guess my SF v10 isn't "Pro". It came with Vegas v16.

adis-a3097 wrote on 7/25/2020, 1:01 PM

As a first aid, can't you split your 2hrs clip into 12 10min ones (in Vegas) and export, then do your clipped peak removal routine in Audacity?

peterh337 wrote on 7/25/2020, 1:44 PM

Yes, although it doesn't need exporting. Vegas doesn't touch the original mp3. You can (while Vegas is open) edit that mp3, save it under the same name, and when you switch focus back to Vegas it detects the file has changed and rebuilds its "peaks".

The scenario where exporting the sound track out of Vegas would be smarter is where you edited the 2hr source down to say 8 mins (pretty likely actually) and then you will be clip fixing just an 8 min mp3. I could actually do that... now that I have written this :) A lot of my finished jobs are 20-30 mins so still over 10 mins though.

rraud wrote on 7/26/2020, 12:57 PM

SCS SF-10 (Pro or AS) was not included with any VP-16 suite.. possibly SF-12 or 13 which would have some sort of peak clip fixer