sp2 glitches

nickle wrote on 9/10/2004, 12:15 AM
I just went through a few days of crap so I thought I would post it in case anyone else has the same problems.

I installed a new video card (ati AIW 9600xt) checked everything and all was fine.

Installed sp2.

Vegas reported unknown error.
Video card couldn't find drivers and quit working.
Installed the latest "Catalyst ATI drivers" which use dotnet.
The card worked but catalyst didn't.
Multiple spontaneous reboots

The fix:
I had disabled some services, such as error reporting, internet time sync, automatic updates and other M/S spyware type things. So I enabled everything to their defaults.
Removed and reinstalled dotnet and didn't disable the account as I had previously. Now everything works.

Using tweakui to logon automatically breaks catalyst.

I went back to sp1 so I can run my computer my way.


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