Sonic_Curt wrote on 7/15/1999, 6:53 PM


The FX missing from Beta 3 was a bug in our first posting. We corrected the
problem with Build 132 and reposted it. We also posted a method to 'patch' the
Build 133 that had the missing FX. There are several messages on this board
related to this.

As for Dramise Gates not responding to you, understand that she is extremely
busy and may not have gotten to your email yet. Your assumptions and insults
are completely unjustified. She's one of the hardest working people at Sonic

CTO/Sonic Foundry, Inc.

Perry Williams wrote:
>>Anybody who got both betas 2 & 3 notice that the Sonic Foundry FX don't work
anymore? I
>>mean, we're urged by Sonic Foundry (those of us who already downloaded beta 2
which has fully
>>functioning Sonic Foundry FX) to replace our beta 2 with the new and improved
beta 3 which at
>>least on MY version has the Sonic Foundry Effects units disabled, with the
word 'demo' stamped
>>all over it.
>>Um.... whatsup with this?
>>I tried addressing this issue with Dramise Gates, the Software Quality
Assurance Manager, who
>>was either too much of a coward to respond, or.. well, too much of a coward
to respond. Dramise
>>Gates does not have the confidence in his postion with the company, or even
enough confidence
>>in Sonic Foundry itself, to respond in any way whatsoever to my questions
about this action.
>>That kind of nonresponsiveness gives me a bit of a chill when we're
considering a company who
>>you spent hundreds of dollars with, for a piece of software.
>>Why does it bother me that Sonic Foundry would urge those of us who had beta
2 (with working
>>SF effects) to update to beta 3, **without telling us** that the effects were
now going to be
>>disabled? NOT because I have to have the effects. My concern is the arguably
sneaky way they
>>handled this take-away. It smells of distrust on their part, and it was
actually a pretty seedy
>>maneuver, and it definitely does NOT have the prospective customer in mind. I
am a registered
>>owner of both Sound Forge and CD Architect, and I intend to keep these
updated. I was actually
>>seriously considering Vegas Pro, but not after this deception. It leaves a
bad image in my mind
>>of this company to see 'em pull a stunt like this. I mean, when you're even a
SEMI professional
>>company, you don't pull fast ones like this on prospective customers without
being upfront with
>>them about it. That's freshman Marketing 101.
>>Also, this swift removal of the working FX makes me wonder things I wouldn't
have even
>>considered before, such as, "
>>Simply, maneuvers like this expose the true colors of an organization, and
right now at least in
>>terms of integrity, Sonic Foundry has just shown me some pretty disgusting
colors. Now that I
>>know what kind of folk I'm dealing with here, I won't go bounding into
another multi-hundred
>>dollar app. I'm willing to wait for the inevitable one-better (with working
inserts, etc.) from the