xactoz wrote on 2/8/2003, 6:31 AM
okay, asked too soon.
An "introduction Media" can be added in
the General tab of the Project Properties

I confirmed that it does work in the
prepared DVD files and burned DVD,
but does not play in the Preview player.
jetdv wrote on 2/8/2003, 12:43 PM
I WILL play in the preview window if you press STOP on the remote and then PLAY. Also, I believe there is an option in the dropdown box if you press the arrow beside the "preview" button.
xactoz wrote on 2/9/2003, 1:57 AM
Yes, correct on both counts jetdv, thanks.

Strange problem just now though, preview
would not advance on any menu or video.
Looped postition nor Elapsed time would
progress forward, they were stuck on
00:00 for any video.

This was for both the introductory video
AND video events on a menu. Menu navigation
would work, and switch to the first frame
of video, but would not progress forward
and play video.

Closing DVD-A, creating new project seemed
to fix problem.

Seems to be some sort of transient bug
in the preview.
xactoz wrote on 2/9/2003, 2:26 AM
Unfortunately (fortunately) I cannot
reproduce this transient problem.
Anybody seen this happen (vids in
preview will not progress, stay at

Another minor issue.

If you add a video as the intro vid,
it's sound will not be used, a seperate
audio file must be defined.

Not major, but have to demux sound from
MPEG to add audio.

Luckily, there seems to be no problem
with video/audio sync between these
seperate files.
mdotnet wrote on 2/9/2003, 3:14 AM
On the last issue, I just import my intro video mpeg, and then import the same file again in the audio section and it works just fine. It's not necessary to make 2 seperate files. It is odd that you have to import them seperately. But I guess it adds more flexibility, which is always a good thing.

xactoz wrote on 2/9/2003, 4:33 AM
excellent, thanks for
posting solution!

Yes, flexibility is wonderful,
so would a UI check box
that says

Use audio stream from
video track

which would automatically fill
in audio track field