Split stereo audio tracks?

Vidiot Tech wrote on 7/4/2015, 2:51 PM
I'm a new Vegas user with a problem.

A friend wants me to edit a dance recital video for him. The video he provided has a feed from the sound board on the left audio channel and natural sound on the right.

After looking at some tutorials it seems Vegas wants to work on both the left & right channels at the same time. I will need to work on L & R individually in order to balance the volume of the sound board feed to the nat sound, pan the announcer to center, etc. Final product will be in two track mono (both tracks to have the same sound).

Can anyone help or point me to a tutorial?




musicvid10 wrote on 7/4/2015, 3:10 PM
Just right-click on the audio track header and split, mix, isolate, or remap those tracks, just about any way you like them.
Getting two mono tracks is one of the options.

rraud wrote on 7/4/2015, 6:28 PM
+1 to what MV stated.
Another option is to right-click the event, select 'channel' and choose 'Left'... duplicate the audio event to another track and do the same, except choose 'Right' .. this will give you two separate mono channels (panned to center by default, but can be panned differently if you so desire).
... As I recall, there's a preference setting that will do this automatically with all new stereo files..
Vidiot Tech wrote on 7/4/2015, 9:30 PM
Thanks musicvid10. I had clicked there, but I never dug deep enough into the options to find what I needed to do.
Vidiot Tech wrote on 7/4/2015, 9:33 PM

That's what I ended up doing.

I looked in Preferences but I didn't see that option. Probably not looking in the right place.
rraud wrote on 7/5/2015, 8:20 AM
I don't recall exactly where that preference setting is, and don't currently have VP available to search.
As quick and easy as the stereo > two-track.mono procedure is, a script would be nice .. if anyone knows of any..
I may query this in the VP script forum.
altarvic wrote on 7/5/2015, 11:51 AM
Vegasaur toolkit definitely has this script, but I'm sure you can find a free one...
ChristoC wrote on 7/5/2015, 3:26 PM
As I recall, there's a preference setting that will do this automatically with all new stereo files..

Menu | Options | Preferences | General Tab : scroll down to find "Import stereo as dual mono".