static noise on second track (and other rants)

longb wrote on 7/26/2002, 2:28 PM
Hey, I just installed Vegas Audio 2 and I recorded an acoustic/electric with the pickup and a mic. Even though it picked up both signals, they both seem to be on one track....I don't know, maybe it's a stereo track but I can't seem to work with them seperatly. When I tried to add another track (just the mic), it has pops and clicks - I have already done EVERY little Windows 98 tweak so Im pretty sure this has to do with either Vegas Audio or my Audiophile 24/96 card.

Would someone PLEASE tell me all the tweaks for Vegas and/or Audiophile. I dont know crap about latency settings or anything else. Here's my setup

P3 500MHZ
Windows 98SE
10 gig maxtor
40 gig maxtor
512 megs RAM
Audiophile 24/96
Plextor CDRW


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