Still yearning for the old .SFL files

i am erikd wrote on 3/29/2019, 12:57 AM

With Vegas Pro 9, when you created a marker and chose to embed it within a clip, Vegas would create a .sfl file to store the marker data. Then in later versions (and possibly depending on which file format your video file is) the markers were embedded within the file. No .sfl file is created.

For example if your file size was 36128 before the marker, it might be something like 36257 after the marker was created.

The marker data is embedded and increases the file size of your video file.

What's the big deal?

If you create a ton of markers and THEN need to rerender your proxies for example, you would automatically lose all of the markers because they were embedded in the old video proxy files.

If you have sidecar .sfl files, it doesn't matter if you need to rerender. YOU WON'T lose your marker data.

My proxies are always Sony AVC .mp4 and Vegas Pro 16 always embeds the marker information.

Is my only solution, if I prefer to create .sfl files, is to use Vegas Pro version 9 for creating markers?








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