Stopped Capturing HD???

Jaums wrote on 3/24/2009, 7:35 PM
Cam is HVR-Z27. If Conversion to DV is turned off, Vegas Capture says No Device Detected & Preview window says Preview is turned off.

When connecting & turning on the Cam, I can hear the Windows beeps that something has been connected.

In the Video menu drop down, the Cam is listed, along with the Hauppage installed in the machine. I click on the cam, tho there is no checkmark to show which one you chose. Options, Reconnect to Current Devise does nothing.

Have tried all options I can find in Vegas and in the Cam.

It worked a few months ago, the last time I needed to capture.




farss wrote on 3/24/2009, 9:29 PM
If you want to capture a DV tape then the camera or VCR must be in DV mode and you must use the appropriate capture utility in Vegas.

If you want to capture a HDV tape as DV then the camera / VCR must be told to downconvert.

This is always a major source of confusion with any Windows or OSX NLE. Take a deep breath and go through each of the setups, two in the VCR and one with Vegas. Apart from a faulty firewire cable I've never once failed to get it to work, even with FCP that I know zero about.

If you change the setup in the camera you probably need to close Vegas, wait for Windows to do it's Beep, Beep, Bong thing and then start Vegas and try again.

Tattoo wrote on 3/24/2009, 10:11 PM
I had a problem capturing in both HDV & DV that suddenly sprang up. Had some error message about "Microsoft a/v device ..." Tried everything, but finally used a tip I found from searching this forum. Turned the preview on (in Vegas Capture), turned my camcorder from playback mode to record mode such that the live video was shown in the Capture preview window & then returned to business as normal. Don't know why it worked; can't remember who passed on that tip. Hope it fixes your issue.