stretching introduces glitches

Bob Greaves wrote on 7/23/2009, 7:13 AM
I am getting frustrated with version 8.0c after several hours of glitches. I have a video that I need to stretch and shrink at various places in order to synchronize it with an audio bed on a different track from a different take. The audio bed needs NO editing, no stretching, no nothing.

I am not touching the audio bed track and it shows no editing in the history. But every so often that audio bed gets all glitched up (slows down, speeds up, repeats 1/2 seconds. skips, etc) and will not change until I delete the media from the track, from the media pool, delete the peak file and re introduce the audio to the project.

Then when add it back to the project it causes some of the stretched video to change. The audio media and the video media are from completely different files (The video is mpg and the audio is wma).

I've been working on a 5 minute video project that should have taken me less than an hour. But after 3 hours I am not 45 seconds into the 5 minute video without having had to do it over from scratch a dozen times.

Is there a way to take an track and to lock it so that it cannot change no matter what else happens?


(FYI: I have every version of Vegas 4 through 8 but have been out of the loop since version 7 was released because I've spent 3 years rebuilding my home after it was destroyed in a flood. So I am rusty and have forgotten a great deal of what used to be second nature.