Stupid Noob question!

slcrz wrote on 10/18/2002, 7:53 AM
Hi,I'm an acid user right now,
there is something I don't understand in Vegas 3(demo).

lets say I drop a drum loop in,and I try (at 120bpm) to stretch it to the grid(CTRL + Size - ruler mark in "measures&beats and zoom full out) on 1 measure and then I zoom in,I realized it wasn't snapping to the exact measure( I have 0.10 in plus)...

is that the way it supposed to be or am I doing something wrong.

If it was snapping correctly ,I wouldn't need to work with acid anymore...
I mainly record my tracks and love the Vegas multitracking system.

I don't see what would keep SOFO from adding just an extra feature from ACID 4.0 in VEGAS 4 since its almost doing the same job(just have to strech events manually)

Just rework a bit the Streching and Snapping process ,Implant ASIO ,VSTi ,and piano roll Midi and VEGAS 4 will be THE killer App.

P.S.Why O why can't we have TEMPO selection on the main window ???

I hope somebody hears me.