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Videocanuck wrote on 2/7/2003, 9:56 AM
I also posted this in the Vegas forum before noticing this forum, so apologies for the double post.

I am a potential new Vegas convert. I have been trying out the public release beta and am very excited about what I've seen so far. I've also taken a look at DVD-A and have a question. When you create a sub-menu, let's say with 3 movies on it, and click one of the movies, when the movie finishes playing, it returns to the main menu, not to the submenu. Is there anyway to make the submenu movie finish playing and return to the submenu?



rwsjr wrote on 2/7/2003, 3:06 PM
If you want to play a series of media back to back, it appears you must use the music compilation option (it plays videos too). Otherwise, if you insert a single media file, you will return to the menu at the conclusion of each.
Videocanuck wrote on 2/7/2003, 4:47 PM
Thanks for responding, but I don't think that answers my question. Let's say I have a main menu which has a Special Features thumbnail. You click on the Special Features thumbnail and go to a submenu where you have a choice of two or more movies. What I want is when you choose one of the Special Features submenu movies is that when it finishes playing that you return to the submenu so you can choose one of the other movies on the submenu. What actually happens is that after the selected submenu movie finishes playing, it bounces back to the main menu instead of the submenu so you have to again click on the Special Features thumbnail to get back in the submenu to choose another movie.

What I'm wondering is whether there is a way in DVD-A that after a submenu movie plays that it will bounce directly back to the submenu to choose another option there rather than go back to the main menu first.

I should say that I have only been playing the with the supplied project supplied in the beta, so perhaps this is just how the beta example is designed.
Lajko wrote on 2/7/2003, 6:53 PM
Although I haven't burned a DVD yet, in testing a project inside of DVD-A it does stay on the sub menu. In your beta version, does it stay on the sub menu when you preview the DVD inside of DVD-A? If it doesn't, then the final release has fixed that issue in the beta. If it does stay on the sub menu but a real DVD does not, then SF will have to decide if is their problem or just a problem in some DVD players.
SonyTony wrote on 2/7/2003, 8:09 PM
The answer is actually a little more complex. Here it goes:

If you place a movie on the main menu, and create a scene selection sub-menu with the same identical movie, the ending of the movie will result in navigation going back to the main menu. If you delete the video from the main menu and leave only the scene selection sub-menu, navigation will return to the scene selection sub-menu. (The rule is that navigation always return to the first parent menu that contains all instances of the video you added.)

If you wish to change this behavior, you need to modify a propery of the video on the main menu, such as moving the in or out point. This will force DVD Architect to create a separate "program chain" for the two different instances of the video, each returning to their respective parent menu.

Videocanuck wrote on 2/7/2003, 8:22 PM
Okay, thanks for clearing that up.