rmack350 wrote on 9/6/2006, 2:23 PM
Sent one in explaining why the window tabs need to be on top when preview is at the top of screen. Looks like they did it but have no idea if my suggestion was what pushed it along. Sometimes ideas are pretty obvious and many people get them at the same time.

Rob Mack
DJPadre wrote on 9/6/2006, 4:01 PM
- Has anyone else sent suggestions to Sony for improving Vegas.((Yes, many a time))

- What kinds of suggestions where sent. (realistic ones please)

((too many to list, and i dont waste my time with menial issues.. im more into the practicalities, such as filter utilisation, performance as well as file utilisation... like the importation of AC3 (as 6 seperate audio tracks) and the retaining OF a 5.1 mix within a nested timeline environemnt.. of which vegas does not do at this time..

p@mast3rs wrote on 9/6/2006, 4:13 PM
Yeah I dont know how many times I sent in a request for 5.1 channels to be kept when importing 5.1 ac3 files.

I requested multicam support MANY times and that is still only available from plugins.
Chienworks wrote on 9/6/2006, 7:40 PM
Yep, back when i was using Video Factory 1 i sent in a suggestion outlining pretty much what is now the cookie cutter. It appeared in the next versions of Vegas.

Of course, i don't believe that my one suggestion got them to add the feature, but i like to think i helped nudge it along. I'm sure that the programmers give more priority to something that lots of people ask for rather than something that only gets a small number of requests.
rmack350 wrote on 9/7/2006, 8:43 AM
I think that sometimes they do act on a single suggestion. I made one a while back that was obscure enough that I doubt anyone else would have asked for it. It was put in, although not quite how I thought I'd described it.

It's hard to know just what suggestion will be taken up. Nested Veg files and network rendering were added after lots of suggestions and conversation on this forum. On the other hand, a better titler hasn't materialized.

I'm sure there are lots of factors. Interface changes seem to be taken up. Maybe it's because the people working in that area are more eager/willing/able to implement this stuff. Remember, though, that all the products use much of the same interface. Those improvements can't run counter to the other products.

Wonky networking stuff has been taken up. Both network rendering and the media manager fall into this category. In the case of the media manager, it's used in more than one product so maybe they could spread the budget out a bit.

To a somewhat lesser extent, hardware support gets addressed. Not as fully as we'd like but there have been attempts to add some card support and control surfaces get supported. I suspect these are somewhat low-hanging-fruit. Decklink cards were supported because they fit in somewhat to the existing Microsoft plumbing.

All in all, I think they do look at and consider the requests. I'm sure there are people there who champion their favorites and I'm also sure that they go through the list and make choices for the next version of Vegas. Some things may get dropped in favor of others.

To me, the 5.1 sound issue sounds very important. I don't need it personally but then the fact that some users don't need a feature is kind of irrelevant.

It's a bit of a mystery to me why some suggestions are implemented but I assume that it's decided in meetings and some things just lose out to others. Advocating loudly on this forum is helpful, especially if you can get a thread going and if people clearly spell out their ideas about how they'd like something to work and why they think it'd be worthwhile.

What I'd love to see, interface-wise, is people making mockups in Photoshop or Flash to demonstrate their ideas. Not that anyone has time for that...

Rob Mack