Support for DVD+R writers

SoundPro69 wrote on 12/19/2002, 4:24 PM
I am a registered user of CDA4 and am considering to upgrade to CDA5. The major reason being I want support for newer drives.

I would like to replace my CD writer with a DVD+R writer and use it also to burn Red-Book Audio CD's.

1) When are you going to support DVD+R writers as hardware to write Red Book Audio CD's? (I mean I don't want to have one drive for each function)

2) When are you going to publish and UPDATED list of supported drives for CDA5? The only one on your website is still the same old CDA4 support list I've seen agaes ago.

Thank you!


SonyDennis wrote on 12/22/2002, 10:35 PM
Any DVD writer that also writes CD-R/-RW works with CDA5. We haven't updated the drive support list because nearly every new drive supports MMC.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/23/2002, 11:40 PM
Actually the DVD writer arena is fronting up to be a minefeild like Beta v. VHS .

There is DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and probably a few other variants. And they are all different things ....

SoundPro69 wrote on 1/16/2003, 9:00 AM
Thank you very much for the advice! Yes, I already was aware of the +R & -r and +RW & -RW mess. But I was wondering if they were bending the rules of regular CD-R or CD-RW capabilities to favor multi-DVD format compatibility. I guess not, then I can buy my cake and eat it too! I haven't been able to find specific MMC support info in the specifications of most DVD writers and was just wondering... Thanks again!
MacMoney wrote on 1/20/2003, 7:54 AM
I've had really good luck with burning CDA's on my Sony 2.4 DVD+RW w/CDA5

George Ware