Surround 5.1

kjam wrote on 1/8/2007, 4:03 PM
I want to have my audio in surround sound. I have the VSP7 edition with the new 5.1 surround feature. I'm very confused as to how to set it up. I chose 5.1 surround in audio preferences, and it created several more tracks on the timeline. I'm not interested in the panning feature; I just want my audio to play on the surround system. It isn't playing from my rear speakers. Can I just "copy & paste" the entire audio track to the rear speaker track? Will that work for what I need? Please help!


KelvinWorks wrote on 1/13/2007, 9:46 AM
Yes, you can copy and paste the sound track into all of the audio tracks if you want, or you could just change the current track to be in the rear speakers only, however when you changed it from stereo to 5.1 it should have changed your current track to a panning track with the pan set in the center of the room. This would have sent the track to all of the speakers and if it is not working then you have probably not set up the output for your speakers in Preferences / Audio Device. This also brings up the question of what your system specs are, do you have a sound card or is it on board sound? How is your surround speakers connected to your computer?

I have the VSP7 also. It doesn’t have all of the features as V7 but it does do the job of 5.1 surround. There is a prior post that I had concerning the audio monitoring of surround sound and how to set it up for VSP7.
kjam wrote on 1/19/2007, 3:27 PM
Thank you Kelvin. I'm not playing the sound through my computer. When I make the DVD and watch on my DVD player with surround system, the sound wasn't playing on the back speakers. I tried the copy & paste to another track, and that worked. I just had to work on the volume a little since it came out too loud on my computer speakers. I rendered the audio as ac3 before sending to Arch studio. The sound wasn't great, but I was able to hear it on my system.
JeffreyPFisher wrote on 2/6/2007, 5:11 PM
Copy/paste the same front sound to the rear isn't really doing the surround justice. A little time delay to the rears will create a sense of envelopment. Try this: copy the front stereo to another track. Route this copy to the surrounds. Add a reverb to this track and set it up to sound nice (play wet/dry balance, size, time, and predelay). Now the front and rear are in a different timebase and will sound fuller and more surrounding you.

-- JPF