Surround panner doesn't work in V7 ?

mdopp wrote on 4/25/2007, 1:33 PM
I'd like to pan a track to different places in the surround field over time.

When I use the surround panner (Show Automation Controls OFF) all is fine and I can see the volume of the various channels change on the Surround Master as I drag the handle.
But that doesn't automate, of course.

So I turn on "Show Automation Controls" and do the same thing again.
Now Vegas writes Surround Position Keyframes as I drag the handle.
BUT the cursor position and the volume of the channels do not correspond anymore !
For example: When I drag the cursor to the bottom left, both rear channels come up with an equal signal instead of the left rear channel only.
Or when I drag the cursor to the very top center, both front and rear right channels come up, but not the left channels and also not the center channel.
Strange, isn't it ?

Again: With Automation Control OFF this is all working fine !

Anybody else sees the same thing happen ?


mdopp wrote on 4/25/2007, 11:30 PM
I've tried to pan a mono sound clip in constant power mode but the left and right front channels never come up - regardless of where I place the signal.
This is even happening when automation is turned off (i.e. Show Automation Controls not active).
Is it just me or something in Vegas 7 ?