Sync Capture to Project

FunWithDirt wrote on 5/12/2022, 8:42 AM


I am very new to Vegas. Well, the last time I used Vegas was when it FIRST came out back maybe 20 years ago when it was still Sonic Foundry. I worked for a retailer at the time and got a free version. I just didn't do anything that would have me pursue its use back then.

Now, I do tutorial videos and have been using Camtasia for the past few years. Always looking to up my game, I am looking at Vegas again.

Ideally, I am wanting a software that allows me to import a video and record/capture me commenting or narrating as the video goes.

Vegas would appear to do that. ...but... when I run Capture, I can't seem to sync the Capture to the project. For instance, I have my marker at 0 or project start.

I do the capture, it doesn't place it where I recorded but at the very end. So, I have to manually slide it around to get it right.

Is there a way to sync the Capture to the Project so that the Capture is automatically placed at exactly the position in the project I recorded over?

My searches came up empty but I am willing to believe my newness to Vegas is the culprit there.

So far, Vegas seems to be the marriage of Audio and Video that I am wanting save for this last bit. Surely there's way to do this. Right?


jetdv wrote on 5/12/2022, 10:15 AM

What if you use VEGAS Stream? That's what I've been using for my tutorials.

FunWithDirt wrote on 5/12/2022, 11:33 AM

What if you use VEGAS Stream? That's what I've been using for my tutorials.

I just saw that and started looking into it. Just getting my feet wet with it. I can already see that I can export what I do to Vegas Pro. So... once I figure out how to actually do that. I am sure I will get it in the next couple of days.

jetdv wrote on 5/12/2022, 11:45 AM

Just make sure you set your sources as desired:



And make sure your recording settings are properly turned on:

And a sample import into VEGAS with all options turned on. Please do note that importing will import into a NEW project so any open project will be closed before importing.