tagging comments in media pool

shaunn wrote on 1/27/2003, 10:35 AM
Would it be possible to use script to tag a "comment" field to files on the media pool then output the whole list (with comments and details) into a txt file or directly to the printer?

Maybe we would need two scripts to be able to do this.

First script is to tag comments and the second script is to send the whole list of information of files in the media pool to the printer.




SonyPJM wrote on 1/27/2003, 11:35 AM

Sure, Media objects have a Comment property which you can get and set.
The MediaPool collection can be iterated with an Enumerator. I'm not
too familiar with printing in .NET so I'm not sure if that part is
possible from within a script but it certainly is possible to create
a text file which could be printed by another app. If you have
Office, you can probably make your script generate a Word doc or Excel
spreadsheet and instruct one of those apps to print.
shaunn wrote on 1/27/2003, 6:42 PM
Is anybody,who knows how to code, interested in creating such a script? it really would be useful IMHO.

Would "pretty please" help? :)

roger_74 wrote on 1/28/2003, 5:42 AM
To see the Comment field you have to change the view in the Media Pool tab to Detailed.

I can make a script that collects that data. What other fields do you want?

I don't know about printing yet, but there is extensive support for printing in the .net framework.

shaunn wrote on 1/28/2003, 11:51 AM
Thanks Roger 74.

Would be great if it collects the name,comment,time code in and time code out and length (maybe even collects the time code and code out of regions if the file was used in the trimmer). It doesn't matter if it prints it or output it to a file...I think the later option would be convenient so that we could choose to edit the TXT file and print it later with notepad or whatever "word" we have on the PC.

Will the script collect info on the whole media pool or could we highlight and choose which media we would like it to collect from? (by selecting or by choosing specific "bin folder")

Thank you again.


PS: would it be also possible for the script to collect the tumbnails of the AVI files? just trying my luck...
aboukirev wrote on 1/28/2003, 3:49 PM
Implementing nice .NET printing for this kind of script is probably an overkill. Just stream data into text file and then launch "notepad /p filename.txt" It'll print text file just fine.

SonyPJM wrote on 1/28/2003, 5:28 PM

The ability to script media bins is not in the Beta release but (as of
today) they will be in the final release.
Frenchy wrote on 1/28/2003, 5:50 PM
Do the media bin detailed fields view under discussion have any connection/correlation with the Video Capture log (.sfvidcap) file? Specifically the comment field - Is this something which must be manually entered, or can this be imported/exported from/to another app? Brian from SF support responded to a question from me that the log file is only available within the Video Capture app - I'm still searching, though.

I'm not at my home PC with V4 on it, so I can't have a look see

aboukirev - explain - "Just stream data into text file..."

you guys that write these scripts are gifted - thanks