TC Powercore disaster - anyone else use it?

Deuterium wrote on 12/27/2007, 6:25 PM
I am trying to use a TC Powercore Compact processor (firewire DSP module that behaves as VST plugins). I have not yet been able to use it successfully with Vegas 7.0 and was wondering if anyone else out there has this setup and has had any success with it. Using Windows XP (media center) on a Dell duo core laptop, Vegas is nearly unusable when the Powercore is enabled....I get blue-screen-o-death randomly, and the Powercore quickly runs out of resources even when only running one plugin. Nobody in the TC Powercore support world seems to know anything about Vegas. Does anyone here use it? Seemed like a good idea at the time but so far has been nothing but nightmares. I've searched all the Vegas forums and 'powercore' doesn't even come up.



smile wrote on 12/28/2007, 5:05 AM
Don't waste your time,

no support on topic either by TC nor Sony.
Powercore needs a VST Native application. Vegas is DX Native.
I had your nightmare a year agò without any help!
Only change the chain.

x_gogoa wrote on 1/6/2008, 4:58 AM
i have tc powercore pci mk2 and it works in V6. i have had problems with it but in amd with n-force chipset configuration. tc never solved this problem. since i moved powercore into intel's configuration that problems gone. i think your problem could be in XP media center or firewire controller chip on laptop - check compatibility. and one thing i have noticed: if i insert (let's say tc's reverb) fx plug-in into mixer, that fx has to be routed to master directly because if i route it trough any other bus first and then to master it will crash V6 by rendering. don't know for V7.

hope this help.
BrianP wrote on 1/7/2008, 11:26 AM
TC states that the PCore Firewire should be used with FW cards utilizing a VIA chipset, as opposed to TI chipset. I've yet to find a cardbus using a VIA chipset. Although on my P4 laptop, PCore seems to work (w/latest 3.0 software) in realtime. When I go to render, it pukes with errors and is disabled (Vegas 7).

Oddly enough, I just tried using PCore with Acid 6 and it seems to work (renders successfully)- this is using firewire chipset from TI (on board the laptop). More oddly, I've just tried it using V8 and it actually rendered OK. This is only with a single track tried with the effects loaded (3 trials) on the audio track itself, as an FX insert bus and on the master bus.

I'll try this using V8 on more tracks and see if I can get anywhere further. I thought I tried this already in a project and it barfed but I'll see if I can get it to work. Maybe V8 has better VST support.
BrianP wrote on 1/8/2008, 6:35 PM
Here's an update to my other post in case anyone is still following this thread. I was able to use TC Powercore with some success using Vegas 8 tonight. I inserted an FX Insert Bus and loaded on a few PCore effects in series (used up 2 TC DSPs). Worked fine in real time and actually rendered without the error messages. This was even using a Vegas 7 project (carrying over any weird artifacts) into V8 on my P4 laptop which is utilizing TI chipset for the firewire bus.

Maybe I should just stop now before I curse my good luck! Hope it continues to run smooth. I'm psyched to actually think I may be able to use this unit now, after owning it for quite a while with it just sitting there, useless.