drbam wrote on 11/19/2005, 7:39 AM
Do a search on the Acid forum - I think there are some links and other info from PC users with Sony apps. I inquired about it sometime back but didn't really follow up.

Ben  wrote on 11/19/2005, 8:41 AM
Cheers drbam. I did do that though and didn't get that much significant info back, but it does seem to play fine with ACID - again, though, there's not much detail. No mention of any CPU mentioning or similar, which is good news, but it would be good to definitely hear some fresh opinions.

Also, people have certainly experienced far less UAD problems with ACID than Vegas, so if possible I'd like to hear actual experiences of people using the Powercore with Vegas. Although they look very similar, I really think ACID and Vegas' audio engines are quite different under the hood.

SHTUNOT wrote on 11/19/2005, 11:18 AM
Still on the ropes about getting a mark II but I go here for info...

Also for uad info...


Ben  wrote on 11/19/2005, 1:47 PM
Cheers Ed, but...

There's nothing on really on the Powercore forum regarding Vegas, nor the TC site. How well Nuendo, etc, works with it doesn't really concern me! I have a UAD already, so that's not really the issue.

Do you have a Powercore? How well does it play with Vegas?


SHTUNOT wrote on 11/19/2005, 8:14 PM
Hey ben...

I wasn't sure if you knew about the tc site. You could always start there for info. Got 1 Uad and soon 2[christmas is a cool thing] but haven't decided about the PC.

Though the restoration tools by sony got great reviews...If you want to spend $1100 for 1 PC and $1200 [aprox] for the bundle.

If I come by any info on it I'll let you know.