rebel44 wrote on 11/2/2003, 11:14 PM
I have no idea why sony do not support the tdk440N burner.It could be of competition?.I allway said that buying the sonicfoundry by sony was bad idea for end sony want to make everything for sony only.
Too bad.I really liked the sonicfoundry.I had no luck with burning DVD.
The other option is to produce by DVDA and burn with Roxio software what come with drive.
RBartlett wrote on 11/3/2003, 10:43 AM
I do burn discs that aren't DVD-Video. So it is no pain to me to use Nero to burn everything I need, even though it has a whole raft of error messages before it starts to burn..... Dare I then say, the right tool for the right job!

DVD-Arch does a good job of the preparation phase and on the recorders it supports - it seems to do a good single copy very well.

Even if DVD-A finished the job, I'd still use my full version of Nero5.5 to burn.
Sorry to interrupt.
routerguy99 wrote on 11/3/2003, 2:01 PM
I use it, It works just fine, also sometimes I make a disk layout then use Roxio 6 to burn too disk
rebel44 wrote on 11/3/2003, 10:23 PM
Today I succesfully burned dvd from architect using my TDK burner.I found out that for some reason the dvd -r are burned good while the dvd +r fail.
I had the first time the dvd +r, but then I tryied the dvd -r and worked fine.
I have no idea what to hell are the problem, but since the dvd -r are more compatible that dvd +r- I will use dvda for now to burn my videos.
My final vorked fine on 3 different brand home dvd players.
With roxio burner any media type burn fine.
As long as I am using yhe dvd -r I can burn directly from dvda.
rebel44 wrote on 11/4/2003, 11:08 PM
The only problem I found is that I set the disk size to 4.7G and I used the shrink dvd and set the disk size 3.9. That did not worked well and I end up with wasting good blank disk. The DVDA works fine with TDK440N if you have yor media set in option for 4.7G and shrin is set for 4.7G.
I have no problem with burning DVD fro DVDA.
Just make shure that you are using 4X ddvd -R. It does burn x2 but slow as a hell. It does burn the +r but compatibility are issue here.
I was doing some experiments and found out the X4 -R are the best way to go.No need to use external burning .
I justt wish that the shrink dvd would be included in next version of DVDA.