Technical Support

Kelly_S wrote on 11/2/1999, 1:21 PM
Hello everybody, there seems to have been a bit of confusion lately
as to the purpose of these forums.
They are mainly here for a centralized location in which a user can
post a message, and other users of our products will reply to these
For example, if you are wondering what everybody's favorite DirectX
compressor is, or perhaps a technique on mastering from a certain
product of ours. Maybe even a small technical question that doesn't
require urgent attention.

We do keep a watch on the forums, however, we don't always have time
to reply to all of the messages that we would like to.

If you are having problems not being able to load up one of your
products, or anything else that is requires urgent attention, you
should send us an email by clicking on the Tech Support link at the
top of the page, or you could give our Technical Support department a
call at 608-256-5555.


Kelly S.
Technical Specialist
Sonic Foundry


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