The basics

Stevebol wrote on 10/29/2007, 12:10 PM
This is my first post here.I use Fl studio to arrange-record music and I just purchased Sound Forge with CD Architect.I'm trying to burn a song to a CD in It's finished form,at CD quality(16bit/44.1Khz.).I'm using isotope Ozone 3 to master in FL studio.I'm just not grasping the process of getting a finished CD song or a mastering CD.


Stevebol wrote on 10/29/2007, 6:57 PM
To be more precise,CD Architect won't recognize my disk when I try to burn.My audio file is at CD quality.I did a full format of the disk.It's a Maxell CD-RW disk.I didn't find anything in the troubleshooting section.
Kennymusicman wrote on 10/29/2007, 7:17 PM
Try a plain CDR next, if that works, then you have eliminated all other parts.

CDA is a little picky about how fully it works with discs and burners.

If no joy, let us know and we'll take it from there


Stevebol wrote on 10/29/2007, 10:52 PM
Thanks.I'll have to do some more experimenting.I record and mix music in FL Studio so burning to CD is the last stage for me.Doing a real master right now is over my head.I did get it to burn on on my laptop using Sonic but it won't play on anything.
Chienworks wrote on 10/30/2007, 4:18 AM
Lots of stand-alone CD players won't read CD-RW discs. Most will handle CD-R discs ok though.
Steven Myers wrote on 10/30/2007, 6:09 AM
Lots of stand-alone CD players won't read CD-RW discs.

To my dismay, I'm also finding that my various burners balk at newer CD-RWs, too.