bjtap wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:35 AM
This is what I get: Network Error
Unable to request URL from host Operation timed out
So is it back or is it me?
Arks wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:42 AM
Its back here... try to refresh the page or clear your cache.
mikkie wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:48 AM
Can't get there from roadrunner - google doesn't have a cached page so perhaps not a recent on and off thing.
jetdv wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:59 AM
It may take some DNS servers longer to update to the new IP address. Keep trying, it WILL return as the DNS servers get updated.
biggles wrote on 6/8/2003, 11:14 PM
H'm I saw it briefly a couple of times towards the end of last week but now it seems to have vanished again!
MrJones wrote on 6/8/2003, 11:50 PM
Works fine here.