The Files Created By Vegas Pro

Cgrin wrote on 6/28/2019, 4:46 PM

I'm not sure if this is the correct category, but I'm new to Vegas Pro and such. So my question is I plug in a video and when I start changing things around with that video inside Vegas Pro it seems to create these random files called "SFAP0 File". I was wondering they seem to clutter everything up quite quickly. So once I am done with everything I am doing for the day with Vegas Pro, am I able to delete those specific files? Sorry if this is such a weird question.


Marco. wrote on 6/28/2019, 6:10 PM

SFAP0 are audio proxy files which are created when importing *.veg files or WMV clips. Maybe a particular kind of other clip would also build audio proxies. Which kind of media do you use?

Cgrin wrote on 6/28/2019, 7:21 PM

@Marco.Media such as like videos from my phone and such in which I would make them WMV files because that seemed to work best for me

Marco. wrote on 6/28/2019, 7:31 PM

So this explains why audio proxy files are created. Though WMV is outdated and variants like MP4 H.264 should work better in many ways.

Cgrin wrote on 6/29/2019, 1:08 AM

@Marco. My problem is I try to use MP4 files, but for some reason sometimes it crashes Vegas Pro 15 and I import it by double clicking it even not dragging and dropping

Marco. wrote on 6/29/2019, 2:34 AM

Which build of Vegas Pro 15 do you use?

Which render settings did you use when you rendered to MP4?

Cgrin wrote on 6/29/2019, 6:36 PM


Sorry, I don't understand what youu mean by the "build of Vegas Pro 15". Also here are what I do believe are my render settings:

fr0sty wrote on 6/29/2019, 7:40 PM

Vegas 15 was updated at various points throughout its lifespan, so there are various versions, which are called builds. Check to see if you have the latest version.

Also, those are project settings, render settings are found in the "Render As" menu under File. You can select codecs on the left and render settings on the right... however knowing your project settings also helps.

Cgrin wrote on 6/29/2019, 9:46 PM

@fr0sty @Marco. So before I say the rest I found out that my computer I guess isn't good enough, because when I tried to do a project doing "Render As" it crashed on me. Tried to find something to fix it but nothing worked so far.

Anyways the other info is:

Build = 416

Since I couldn't get into my Render As, I didn't know if I can see my render settings. So all of this might be hopeless because of my computer.


fr0sty wrote on 6/29/2019, 10:01 PM

Try this. Open a blank project. Go to the media generators tab, grab a random piece of media and drop it on the timeline. Click render as. Now open your previous project and see if clicking render as works. That usually prevents that bug for me.

Cgrin wrote on 7/3/2019, 11:47 AM

@fr0sty Sorry for the late reply, but yeah I tried putting in text with it in there the most minuscule amount of time in the bar, but that even crashes it. So I don't even know.