The GUI in V15 over-refreshes/lags compared to V14 (Watch Video)

joseph-w wrote on 1/4/2018, 11:29 PM

This is a comparison video I just made of the same project opened on Version 14 and Version 15. All I am doing is opening the project then opening the Pan/Crop window. Notice how the P/C window opens quick/snappy in V14 but in V15 it seems to do a second/third refresh before displaying the window. This issue gets worse (the delay between the multiple refreshes and then display to the screen) increases the longer I work in Vegas 15.

Do others see this same thing? This issue makes V15 pretty much unusable for me aside from a renderer (work in V14, save to temp .VEG, render out that .veg in V15 since it's much faster in that regard).

I wish there was a legacy GUI option. V14's GUI w/ V15s under the hood/rendering improvements would have been perfect for my workflow. Version 15 is very frustrating to use because of the performance of the new GUI.



matthias-krutz wrote on 1/5/2018, 3:49 AM

Do others see this same thing?

Yes, I reported it Magix and got the response: ​This is a known issue which will be resolved in a future application update.

See also here: GUI Redraw Issue

My workaround so long:
If I avoid resizing GUI windows, I can work much longer until I need to reboot Vegas.
However I chose VP15 instead of VP14 because I find that colour adjustments with the dark surface are done much better.
With this realization I was able to finish some more comprehensive projects.

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