the new web "look" vs. CDA

wynoprf wrote on 2/25/2002, 7:42 AM
Odd is it not?: SonicFoundry deems it important enough to spend resources updating an already functional web site, yet can't stomach the economics of keeping CDA. Maybe that's an indication of why their stock is $2 and they can't seem to make a profit.

As a customer, the new look means absolutely nothing to me. But CDA---that's a different story. I'm stuck with SoundForge 4.0 and will never upgrade the product while CDA is no longer offered. What I'll probably end up doing is buying Steinberg. Although it will cost me a bunch more money, my point will have been made.


Ted_H wrote on 2/25/2002, 10:58 AM
CD Architect was discontinued because it was not selling. You mentioned our profitability, so certainly you understand that pouring resources into a product which does not sell (CD Architect) equals no profit, which in turn equals no Sonic Foundry. Our website hadn't been updated in more than a year, so it was long overdue.

spydakb wrote on 2/25/2002, 1:30 PM
It was probably not selling because it was somewhat overpriced, at the time, for those who wanted to do basic CD recording.

VU-1 wrote on 2/25/2002, 6:22 PM
Just a wild guess .... but,

I bet SoFo could pocket a few extra bucks now (and gain some lost/new customers) by offering an "as is" version of CDA now at a lower price. I'm sure they didn't trash the codes when they discontinued the product. The way people have been belly-aching about the lack of similar programs out there, I'm sure the masses would jump at the chance to snatch up a copy of the best.

Just my opinion.

kdanenberg wrote on 2/25/2002, 8:42 PM
I already own my "as is" version of the software. Unfortunately, I can't get the 4.0g update to install, because it doesn't recognize my installation. It worked fine on my old burner, but that died. Now it doesn't work with my new Plextor. Everything I read says it will work just fine if I install the 4.0g update. But it refuses to update!

I suppose I'd pay a little extra to get a CD that installed the 4.0g version outright. In theory, that would work. But that doesn't seem like a good idea either. Likely, I'd just get burned again.

Any good shareware out there, please let me know. I've had much better support and upgrades from my registered shareware packages. Gosh, if some industrious programmer out there wanted to make a mint, there's the way to go!

BrentA wrote on 2/25/2002, 10:06 PM
"It was probably not selling because it was somewhat overpriced, at the time, for those who wanted to do basic CD recording."

Yeah, I think we really have Sonic Foundry's marketing department to blame for CDA's demise. Clearly, the software was powerful...more than three years down the line and it is still unmatched in many people's opinion. It was released before the CDR revolution really took off so it was initially aimed at audio professionals and priced accordingly. Still a bit high, but understandable. The real question is, when SF marketing realized that CDA wasn't selling well why didn't they adjust the price and try to pick up some sales from the home audio enthusiast...the "prosumer" for lack of a better word? Surely SF marketing realizes that units sold typically varies inversely with price, and somewhere along that curve is a price that maximizes revenue for Sonic Foundry. Basic Econ101, right? Yet I don't remember Sonic Foundry ever adjusting the price of CDA in the entire life of the product. Am I remembering wrong here?
Ted_H wrote on 2/26/2002, 9:44 AM
CD Architect was $399.99 two years ago. It dropped to $299.99 about a year after that, and it was around $200-$250 when it was discontinued. So the price did come down.

BrentA wrote on 2/26/2002, 10:27 AM
OK...I stand corrected. I just seemed to remember it being at that $299 price point (street price) for a long time. Regards, Brent