The next chapter button does not work properly.

david-e5819 wrote on 1/2/2019, 10:37 PM

When I burn a Blu-ray disc, the next chapter button works in a playlist but not when selecting individual chapters.  

DVD Architect build 84

I’ve created  a project with 8 separate media video clips. I created a playlist and also a page where I can select any individual chapter. I inserted Scene/Chapter markers at the beginning of each video and set the end action to go to the next video in order. Then I burned a Blu-ray disc and played it. In playlist mode the chapter forward (next) control works, it goes to the next video. But when I start with an individual chapter the next chapter button does not work, and I get the message: “This operation is currently prohibited for this disc”.

By the way, in the DVD Architect preview mode, the “next” button does not work for playlist or chapters. I presume that is a known issue.

I need this to work or I will give up and buy some other software to make my Blu-ray discs.



matonanjin wrote on 1/22/2019, 6:48 AM

Believe me I am as new as you, no doubt more-so. But there may be something wrong with your chapter markers. In DVD Architect preview mode my next button works perfectly for chapters.

Zulqar_Cheema wrote on 1/22/2019, 6:59 AM

I think if I remember correctly, when oyu do the next on the actual chapter, there is no next technically, there is then play list but not for the actual chapter. Go to each chapter and on the right panel, there is an END ACTION tab, click on there and tell it what to do next, e.g what clip next, or back to the main menu.

Zulqar_Cheema wrote on 1/22/2019, 7:05 AM

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