They're human too

MJhig wrote on 5/28/2004, 7:24 PM
Interesting to see the morbidly warm and fuzzy Video Forum at each other's throats (for them) over whether or not Sony should make Net Notify enabled by default.

I will not have Net Notify

I'll probably get slammed by some over there for "running back here and posting" as some there look at things of this nature that way but I like the fact that they seem human now and again ;-)



Rednroll wrote on 5/29/2004, 9:36 AM
Yeah, that whole touchy feely, civilized theme they like to portrai, blows right out the window as soon as someone comes in with an opposing viewpoint, then they all gang up and try to make it like it was the person with the opposing viewpoint that started to cause waves in their touchy feely forum. Billy Boy's one of the few that keep them in check over there.