Things I'd like to see that aren't there yet

emorbius wrote on 7/5/1999, 2:14 PM

1) Consider including a midi-interface for this in the future, i.e. like Samplitude 2496 in which
many functions can be controlled by a peavey 1600x or other midicontroller. It seems to me
that shouldn't be a major task to do that and buttons and faders are alot easier to use them a
mouse and keyboard commands in many situations.

2) Automating the faders on the buss's.

3) the surround support discussed on another post.

From playing with the demo awhile now Vegas is definately miles ahead in the processing end
of things and I find it (maybe because I learned digital editing on Sound Forge) to be much
more intuitive then Saw Pro or Samplitude 2496. On the other hand those programs have alot
more features. I'll probably end up going with Vegas since horsepower is the most important
factor but I hope some of features that Vegas lacks that other programs have will be
considered (thought I realize some of those might effect processing efficiency.)



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